Zummy Bears

Zummy Bears are our littlest ZumKids. From birth through age 3 these children will learn about Jesus and family. The children are in an environment that allows them to wiggle and squirm but still learn.

Zummy Worms

Zummy Worms is a children’s ministry for PreK to Kindergarten. These children have started school and require a little bit more structure. They still have time to squirm with activities that work with their attention spans.

Zum Dingers

Zum Dingers are our 1st and 2nd graders. They are starting to be readers and can sit a bit longer. We don’t forget that they still like to be active and give them ways of learning that include active participation and hands-on learning.

Zum Bumz

Zum Bumz are our 3 and 4th graders. We are able to spend more time using the Bible related activities as well as hands-on activities.

Club 56

Club 56 is exclusive to our 5th and 6th graders. Fun, activities, socialization, Bible study… all geared for this preteen group.


Firefall is available for grades 7-12. Large group fun and small group sharing help to round out the youth as they are growing into mature well rounded adults.